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Tul Planner

Looking for a planner that will help you on-the-go? look no further than the tul pink discbound student planner. This planner comes with a 20-day planner, a daily planner, and a set of daily checklists/checkerboardes. It will help you stay organized and in check during your students' summer vacation!

Bookshelf Love of Books Cover Set FOR USE with the TUL/Arc (8 disc) Planner
Composition Book Cover Set FOR USE with the TUL/Arc (8 disc) Planner

Tul Planner Pages

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Daily Planner 2 Pages Per Day

The daily planner 2 is an innovative, disc-bound, leather notebook junior size. It is perfect for daily use, and is filled with features and amenities necessary for keeping you organized and productive. It includes a variety of embossed grayembossing techniques, field-älding capabilities, and a variety ofvu-vu colors and patterns. the tul planner is a 5 countgrey tuldiscbound custom notetaking system tab divider junior size. It is perfect for new students or those who want to write specifically for themselves, without having to refer books orrsquot;to another student. The tul planner makes writing very easy and it is perfect for daily goals or specific teachers projects. the tul planner is a great way to keep your family organized and on track! You can see what every member of the family is up to every week and in each month. It is perfect for keeping your home organized and your family safe too! the tul planner is the perfect way to keep your calendar in order and get your to-do's on time! With this planner, you'll be able to keep your time slices down to a t and have a complete plan for every day. Plus, the leopard design will help to keep you looking like a 'real' woman while you're on the go.